Here are few recent projects that Charlton Group has completed

Project #1: Greenwich / Mohawk Brownfield Remediation
March 2015 – September 2016

As the earthworks subcontractor for the Greenwich / Mohawk Brownfield Remediation (GMB) Charlton Group was required to:

  • Excavate, stockpile & reuse 130,000m3 of non-impacted overburden material
  • Excavate, process (through screening & washing of coarse grain material) & backfill 140,000m3 of PHC impacted material & wastes
  • 65,600 tonne impacted materials stockpiled and disposed at approved facility
  • Supply & Place 35,000 tonnes of imported backfill material
  • Brake, excavate, crush and backfill 70,000 tonnes of concrete floors, subsurface walls and foundations
  • Injection of liquid nutrients for biopile construction using Pugmill mixer

The Greenwich / Mohawk project required Charlton Group to excavate non-impacted overburden soils for stockpile on site to be used as final cover material.  Excavation of impacted materials occurred within dry and wet conditions using a GPS controlled excavator.  Charlton Group worked with CH2M Hill (now Jacobs) to collect floor and wall samples to find the extent of the impacts.  Impacted materials were screened and treated using Charlton Groups screen & treat process to reduce the level of impacts within the material to below site specific required standards (SSRS).  Charlton Group was even able to clean heavy F4 fraction materials, initially starting at 35,000ppm or greater to below SSRS.  Oversized clean materials and imported backfill material was used below the water elevation, a liner system was installed above the backfill and the treated material placed within dry conditions.

Project #2: Hunt Club Valley Area Grading, Site Servicing & Wetlands Restoration
May 2015 – Present
  • Excavate 1,500,000m3 of clean overburden and native soils and relocate onsite using cut and fill to level the 125Ha site for future servicing works
  • Protection of water ways using erosion and sediment control methods such as:  rock check dams, straw bale dams and temporary sediment control ponds
  • Excavate, load, haul and stockpile 40,000m3 of impacted brick, block & waste materials from the pumping station footprint
  • Break and excavate, 1,500m3 of bedrock to 4.5m below ground (12m below initial grade elevation) and dispose
  • Treatment of 3,000,000 L of high pH (13.0); VOC & metals contaminated water and discharge to wetlands
  • Install 4,600m of Local & Trunk Sanitary Sewer Line, inc all fixtures and manholes.
  • Install 4,500m Stormwater Line, inc all fixtures, manholes and catchbasins
  • Install 3,550m Watermain inc all fixtures, valves and hydrants
  • Construct 3,500m of asphalt roadways including excavation, subbase preparation, curbing and paving.
  • Service 252 lots with sanitary, storm and water lines
  • All other associated excavation, stormwater pond construction, erosion control and protection requirements.
  • Re-alignment of 850m of existing creekways (installation of riffles, rootwads, ponds, bank restoration & protection
  • Construction of 3,000m of pathways around site (excavation, sub-base prep & asphalt)
  • Creation of park lands & ponds (topsoil, seed & E&S controls)
  • Installation of cable concrete, access / maintenance roadways, light duty vehicle access & bridges

As part of the construction for the new pumping station, Charlton Group was required to manage adverse contaminated groundwater conditions that was impacted with VOCs, PAHs, PHCs, metals and was at a pH of 13.0.  In order to stop this caustic water, Charlton Group installed layers of vertical barriers to reduce the pH of the incoming water and reduce the flow of the water coming into the excavation.  Charlton Group was treating and discharging up to 400,000L of treated water a day into the wetland area adjacent to the site.

Project #3: Kam Kotia Dam Raise
August 2017 – November 2017
  • Construction of Acid Water Tailings Dam at orphaned mine in Timmins Ontario
  • Excavation & Base prep of 25,000m3 to grade existing dam
  • Clearing & Grubbing of 50,000m2 of dense boreal forest
  • Excavation & Stockpile Management of deleterious materials:
    • 15,000m3 organic materials
    • 21,500m3 acidic tailings
  • Processing & Placement of 53,500m3 sand material from borrow pit to dam face
  • Placement of 5,000m3 impermeable clay material on downstream face of berm

Charlton Group was procured to reconstruct and raise an acid water and tailings pond dam in Timmins ON.  Charlton Group was required to excavate the existing dam footprint to remove deleterious materials that could cause dam failure (organic materials & acidic tailings).  These materials were required to be stockpiled, and the stockpiles managed and maintained throughout the course of the project.  Charlton Group then processed over 53,000m3 of sand / gravel material into the mixed blended material required by the specifications using material from the onsite borrow pits.  Once lines and grades were established using the various mix types, Charlton Group placed clay material on the downstream side of the dam to allow for an impervious barrier.  Upon completion the acid pond’s holding capacity was increased by 300 percent. 

Project #4: 80 Brant St, Demo & Remediation
August 2018 – February 2019
  • Demolition of 3 industrial buildings, including DSS removal and disposal.  
  • Removal & salvage of 2km of rail lines and ties
  • Excavation and disposal of 3,500m3 of impacted soils to approved landfill
  • Cut & Fill of 14,000m3 of site soils to meet new grading requirements
  • Installation of fencing and gates around perimeter of site

Project #5: Waste Management Cell 4A Construction
April 2019 – Ongoing
  • Excavation of 100,000m3 of clay / silt material on base and side slopes of Cell 4A
  • Installation of 80,000m2 of geonet separation material
  • Construction of 65,000m3 of 800mm thick compacted clay liner on cell base and side slopes
  • Placement of 30,000 tonnes of drainage stone material
  • Installation of 160,000m2 of geotextile separator material
  • Installation of 4,000m of HDPE leachate collection piping, including headers, subheaders, cleanouts and sump pump pit
  • Installation of two pumping stations and landfill gas piping including electrical works
  • Excavation of 800,000m3 of overburden material from Cell 4B for future cell works

Constructed Cell 4A at the Waste Management landfill site.  This cell is largest compacted clay liner (CCL) ever constructed in Ontario in one season at 8Ha in area.  The project consisted of excavation of over 900,000m3 of soil for Cell 4A and adjacent Cell 4B; placement of 65,000m3 of clay material, multiple layers of geo-composite materials, 40,000m3 of drainage stone and 4,000m of leachate collection piping completed within one construction season under very tight timelines.

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